We can also assist your facility in complying with permitting regulations by assessing your facilities operations and practices as they relate to the particular regulation and taking you through the permitting process. Our permit experience includes; Title V, NPDES, and SARA and RCRA permits.

Air Permits and Reporting – Safety Enviro possesses extensive experience in air quality issues. We have successfully permitted numerous facilities under Title V, FESOP, & PSD permit authority. We have been able to structure our client’s permits to meet regulatory requirements while maintaining the flexibility to operate their facilities profitably and without undue restrictions. Our experience includes data collection and analysis, source sampling, comprehensive emission inventories, emission factor development, air quality modeling, compliance assessments, impact assessments, alternative operating scenarios, application preparation, permit modifications, reporting KYEIS emission inventories and communication and consultation with regulatory agencies. We have built long term relationships with our clients by becoming knowledgeable of their operations and practices and by being responsive to their needs. By applying our knowledge of our client’s operations and practices, we gain an understanding of how regulatory requirements affect business decisions and production, thereby avoiding potential compliance issues. We pride ourselves on diligently communicating with our clients on all project work and regulatory issues.

NPDES – Storm water Permits and BMP Plans; Storm water discharges associated with industrial activity from any conveyance which is used for collecting storm water may be regulated. These would include storm water which is directly related to manufacturing, processing or raw material storage areas at an industrial plant; or the discharge from some construction activities including clearing, grading and excavation activities. Safety Enviro also has the ability to do collections and analysis on waste water and storm water samples from your facilities.

SARA – Safety Enviro can perform a survey of hazardous material usage as it relates to the regulatory requirements of SARA. The survey and evaluation could include a detailed analysis of operations and practices as they relate to hazardous materials concerns. The information and data obtained and generated during the evaluation will provide you the specific applicability of SARA regulatory reporting requirements. Safety Enviro can assist our clients in filing annual Tier II reports and Form “R” reports as required by the EPA.

RCRA – The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), addresses the problem of how to safely manage hazardous waste. Registration is required for Treating, Storing, Transporting, Disposing and Generating hazardous waste. Congress wrote RCRA to achieve three primary goals: 1) protection of human health and the environment; 2) reduction of waste and conservation of energy and natural resources; and 3) reduction or elimination of the generation of hazardous waste as expeditiously as possible. RCRA also required that training must be given to all employees that work with or near hazardous waste, be relevant to the employees’ positions, and be completed within six months of the employees’ date of employment.